Ergonomic and comfortable beds for dogs

Concepts like ergonomic, design, people, health etc. are around us, but when we think about ergonomic design we focus on people. How often do you think about ergonomic bed for dogs, special bed adapted to dogs needs? Very often dogs sleep in the crazy positions, in the different places. Have you ever think that the way your dog sleeps shows a type of bed he prefers? Some dogs like hiding deep in their sheds, others like stacking their heads up and feel good on the beds with taller walls.

However the main thing in beds is ergonomics. Appearance or materials are not important when dogs feel bad in bed. Not correct bed, can do a lot of bad. Dogs can have problems with back, degeneration or can be tired.

We present the list with the most important things when you plan to buy a new bed for dog:

  1. Size - your dog rests in the bed so it needs the most comfortable option. Before owner buys the bed, he has to measure the dog and add for bed 20 cm. The size of the bed should allow the dog uninhibited of movement during sleep and rest.
  2. Soft and tough - we have to think about covering materials and filling materials. External material should be soft and nice to touch because it provides comfort for the dog. On the other hand materials should be tough and easy to clean.
  3. Something special for allergic dog. If your dog has an allergy, you have to buy a special ant allergic bed.
  4. Classic or luxury? The appearance of the bed is not important - the most important thing is comfortability of the dog.

Remember, you have to clean, wash and vacuum bed of your dog.