Kick-off Meeting

Kick-off Meeting of the Erasmus+ Project 2015-1-RO01-KA202-015091

The first meeting of ERGOSIGN Project partners was held on the 10th of December 2015 in Bucharest. It was organised by APMR (the Project Coordinator) in Romania. The meeting was a great opportunity for all partners to present their organizations and offer more details on their expertise.

During the official meeting in Bucharest, partners talked about future work, tasks to perform and project dissemination plan. Project work and general strategy were discussed in more details in order to clarify the steps to take further on. Dissemination and exploitation activities were also on the agenda of the meeting and the Dissemination Manager presented the general dissemination approach that all partners would have to contribute to. The dissemination plan would identify the target audiences and stakeholders, strategies to approach each group, and the ideal message and activities to facilitate results dissemination.

Participants discussed earlier scheduled activities and a methodology to approach the development of the first Intellectual Output - a report on gaps regarding the ergonomics for upholstery and sleep products: current skills and qualifications needs.

Partners agreed to organize the next meeting in Spain in 2016.

During the life time of ERGOSIGN project there were going to be organised 5 international meetings, all of which would be great occasions for the partners to discuss the project strategy, tasks, methodologies to be employed, dissemination and exploitation of project results.

The project kick-off meeting was a good start for a wonderful project, which we invite you all to follow both here on this website and on its FaceBook account, as well as on all its other social media accounts.