To create online training materials on ergonomics applied to the upholstery and sleep industry developed by VET providers:

  • Identify and understand skills gaps and needs of EU designers in developing functional furniture and sleeping products that ergonomically comply with their specific use (work, home, rest).

  • Define joint curricula that will define and analyze the most suitable training paths addressing the skills gaps and needs identified.

  • Develop learning, teaching and training materials according to the joint curricula, focused on basic principles on ergonomics and specific ergonomic considerations and materials that contribute to the ergonomics of the final product (flexible polyurethane foams, TPU gels, fabrics, etc.).

  • Enhance the integration of Virtual Reality in learning, teaching and training and support learners and educational staff in improving the use of ICT and digital competences.

  • Promote open access to teaching and learning content addressing traditional sectors in line with individual’s needs and expectations, reducing skills mismatches,

  • Capacity Building in these Sectors: Establishing a stable and active Strategic Partnership that will promote active cooperation among enterprises, professional organizations and local/Regional Bodies in order to support high quality VET with a strong work based learning component.

      Innovation activities, including those related to education and training, tend to be geographically concentrated in individual entities where knowledge has been transferred among different industrial, educational and training sectors, taking special account the heavy influence of regional culture. Innovation in education and training is rarely achieved in isolation, as competences and experiences are spread across from different entities of education and training, outside academia and geographical borders. To overcome these challenges ERGOSIGN will be carried out by actors across different sectors and countries.